Translating magnetic tumbler machine GG1380

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Guangu magnetic grinding speed, the average grinding time of about 3 minutes to 15 minutes, the replacement of workpiece efficiency, you can replace the workpiece in the process of magnetic polishing machine operation.

Magnetic polishing machine magnetic field distribution is uniform, high frequency rotary motion, polishing effect is more uniform, the object surface is smoother, can also achieve the cleaning effect. Magnetic grinding/magnetic polishing has no dead corner, so that all parts are completely ground.

Product description

Translating magnetic tumbler machine GG1380:

Boundary dimension: 1380 * 720 * 1088mm

Grinding groove size: 1200 * 520mm (square barrel)

Power supply: AC380v (50 60HZ) 16A

Motor power: 4KW * 1

Equipment weight: 410KG

Grinding capacity: 25-35KG

Operation mode: forward, reverse, and translation
Magnetic grinding steel needle: 10kg, made of imported SUS304 stainless steel, with a diameter of 0.2-2.0mm.
Grinding fluid: 50L

Motor speed: 1400 rpm

Single station

The translating magnetic tumbler machine is a high-precision polishing equipment, which is mainly used for grinding and polishing of flat, concave, convex, and shaped parts. It adopts a translational working mode, which can easily handle large workpieces and can be used in conjunction with other equipments, which is widely used in aerospace, automobile, electronics, medical and other fields.

The pan polishing machine usually consists of polishing head, working table, motor, controller and other parts. It can be programmed and controlled to realize automated polishing, reduce manual intervention and improve production efficiency. Meanwhile, the pan-polishing machine can also realize the polishing and grinding of different materials by selecting abrasives with different grain sizes and concentrations.


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