Polishing of titanium alloy workpieces-Titanium polishing

Magnetic polishing machine removes burrs, oil stains, oxide layers, and scratches from titanium alloy parts.Titanium polishing

Common titanium alloy workpieces

Titanium alloy product processing parts, titanium alloy hardware parts, titanium alloy medical accessories, and titanium alloy workpieces can be polished and surface treated using a magnetic polishing machine.

Remove small burrs from the surface or inner holes of the workpiece

Remove the oxide layer on the surface of the workpiece and restore the true color of the metal

Remove the tool marks after machining the workpiece

Remove welding marks from metal welded components

Minor scratches and scratches on the workpiece can be removed using a magnetic polishing machine

Introduction to Magnetic Polishing Machine

A magnetic polishing machine transmits the force of a magnetic field to a stainless steel needle, drives the workpiece to move at high frequencies, and grinds and polishes the workpiece from multiple angles.
When using a magnetic polishing machine for deburring, attention should be paid to selecting appropriate grinding steel needles and controlling processing parameters reasonably to avoid unnecessary damage to the surface of the workpiece.
The magnetic polishing machine has a significant effect on the surface treatment of workpieces, effectively removing surface defects and making the surface of workpieces smoother and smoother.
There are many advantages of using a magnetic polishing machine to remove surface defects on workpieces, and multiple problems can be removed in bulk and at once. Using a magnetic polishing machine to polish workpieces can improve production efficiency and polishing effect, ensure product quality and accuracy, enhance the anti-corrosion performance of workpieces, and also reduce the generation of waste liquid and exhaust gas, resulting in less environmental pollution.

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