Magnetic deburring machine GG2380

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Product description

Magnetic deburring machine GG2380-GUANGU Magnetic polishing machine

Magnetic deburring machine

Magnetic deburring machine is a new product developed in recent years, which can efficiently remove burrs and flying edges on the surface of metal parts by using magnetic force to improve the surface quality of products. The following are several selling points of magnetic deburring machines:

High efficiency: Magnetic Automatic deburring machine can quickly remove burrs around the workpiece, including small bores, tube holes and cracked dead ends, which greatly improves the deburring efficiency.

High precision: Magnetic Hardware deburring machine will not affect the precision of the workpiece, shape and size will not change, the surface roughness value can reach Ra0.1-Ra0.01, showing bright metal luster.

Simple operation: the operation of magnetic Hardware deburring machine is simple and convenient, only need to press the button to complete deburring, no need for professional skills and experience.
Wide application: Magnetic Deburring and Polishing Machine is suitable for a wide range of metal materials and parts, including stainless steel, aluminium alloy, titanium alloy, etc., with a wide range of applications.

Environmentally friendly design: Magnetic deburring machines adopts closed design to reduce noise and pollution, in line with modern industrial environmental protection requirements.
Cost saving: Metal deburring machine has low cost of use and long consumable replacement cycle, which reduces the cost of use.
Humanised design: the design of the magnetic Precision Deburring Machine takes full account of the human needs, operating buttons and handles are designed in an easy to operate position, more comfortable to use.

Complete models: magnetic deburring machine can be customised according to different models and specifications of the workpiece to meet the needs of different customers.
To sum up, magnetic Deburring cleaning machine has high efficiency, high precision, simple operation, wide application, environmental design, cost saving, humanised design and complete models and other selling points, is one of the indispensable deburring equipment in modern industrial manufacturing.


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