Grinding and polishing fluid

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Product description

Grinding and polishing fluid is a water-soluble polishing agent that does not contain any sulfur, chlorine, and phosphorus additives. It contains 90% water, has good cleaning, degreasing, rust prevention, and polishing properties, meets environmental standards, is non-toxic, and has high Factor of safety.

The dosage of polishing fluid is related to the size of the polishing machine and the brightness requirements of the workpiece product.

Usually, for copper and aluminum workpieces, “GG808” polishing fluid can be used;

Stainless steel workpieces can be polished with “GG2160” polishing solution;

Iron and steel parts with magnetic properties can be polished with “GG1060” polishing fluid.

Grinding and polishing fluid video

A polishing solution is a chemical solution used to polish metals, glass, and other materials in an abrasive process. Polishing solutions typically contain one or more chemical components, such as oxidizers, abrasives, binders, and solvents, that remove scratches, imperfections, and uneven portions of a surface, leaving the surface smooth, flat, and shiny.

Polishing fluids are widely used in metal processing, glass processing, gemstone processing, plastic processing, wood processing and other fields. In metal processing, polishing fluids are usually used to polish stainless steel, aluminum and other metals to remove surface imperfections and scratches and improve surface quality. In glass processing, polishing fluids are used to remove surface imperfections and unevenness and to improve the transparency and gloss of glass. In gemstone processing, polishing fluids are used to polish and shine gemstones to improve their brightness and luster.


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