Variable frequency magnetic polishing machine GG8720

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Magnetic frequency conversion polishing machine

The customization time of the variable frequency magnetic polishing machine is long, the processing speed is fast, the operation is simple, safe, and the variable frequency adjustment meets various needs of polishing, polishing, and deburring. There is no need to remind the end of dead corners, and it can remind the completion of polishing. One person can operate multiple variable frequency magnetic polishing machines. Voltage, current, frequency, and time can be configured, simple and clear, and the polishing process does not require manual intervention (customizable according to customer specifications and capacities).

Suzhou Guanggu Variable Frequency Magnetic Polishing Machine is an intelligent application of ultra strong electromagnetic force, which can achieve magnetic field strength, drive magnetic grinding small steel needles (can be used for 1-2 years), generate high-speed jumping flow, flip and other actions, and friction, dead corners, and sewing surfaces in the workpiece’s inner hole, High efficiency in one go, achieving precision grinding effects such as polishing, cleaning, and deburring.

Product description

Variable frequency magnetic polishing machine GG8720:

External dimensions: 840 * 720 * 1088

Grinding groove size: 620 * 620 (drum)

Power supply: AC380v (50 60HZ) 16A

Motor power: 4kw * 1

Equipment weight: 228Kg

Grinding capacity: 15-18Kg

Operation mode: forward and reverse

Magnetic grinding steel needle: 6kg, made of imported SUS304 stainless steel, with a diameter of 0.2-2.0mm.

Grinding fluid: 50L

Motor speed: 1400 rpm


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