The ratio of the magnetic grinding steel needle to the product is determined according to the specific application, and this ratio usually affects the grinding effect and cost.

What is the ratio of the magnetic grinding steel needle to the product-GUANGU Magnetic polishing machine
Magnetic grinding machine polishing, 10 minutes batch polishing process

Generally speaking, when performing magnetic grinding, the amount of steel needles should be controlled within a certain range, too much or too little may affect the grinding effect. For applications that require high precision such as fine grinding and polishing, the amount of steel needles is often relatively small, usually only a small part compared with the volume or area of the workpiece, and can be adjusted according to specific materials and processes. If it is for deep grinding, to remove heavy sand marks such as rust and oxide, relatively speaking, more steel needle liquid ratio is required.

The ratio of the magnetic grinding steel needle to the product needs to be calculated according to the specific needs and the material, shape, size and other factors of the processed object. The ultimate goal is to achieve the ideal processing effect.

Brass handle is magnetically polished to remove multiple defects at one time

Magnetic grinding steel needle is an abrasive used in surface grinding, polishing and other processing techniques. It is composed of some magnetic stainless steel balls. These balls are usually smooth, uniform, and high in hardness. They can be processed under the action of a magnetic field Efficient grinding and polishing of the surface of the object.

In magnetic grinding, steel balls will be put into the processed product and grinding liquid, and the processed product will be placed in the magnetic grinding machine. By adjusting the parameters such as the size of the magnetic field and the formula of the grinding liquid, the steel ball will It can form strong grinding and friction on the surface of the processed object, thereby realizing high-precision surface treatment.

The polishing effect of the magnetic polishing machine is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and the cost is a few cents

Magnetic grinding steel needles have the advantages of high processing efficiency, less abrasive loss, low cost, and automatic processing, and are widely used in precision parts, aerospace industry, and medical equipment.