Cabinet door hinge is one of the common accessories in the furniture, it not only bears an important practical function, but also relates to the overall home aesthetics. With the improvement of people’s quality of life, the requirements of the home environment is also more and more high, the cabinet door hinge polishing process has also become an important way to deal with the details. In this article, we will introduce you to the cabinet door hinge polishing knowledge to help you better understand and choose the cabinet door hinge for your home style.the art of cabinet door hinge polishing and skills.

Let the home a new luster: the art of cabinet door hinge polishing and skills-GUANGU Magnetic polishing machine
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First, the significance of polishing

  1. Enhance the aesthetics of furniture: hinges as an important part of the furniture, its surface quality directly affects the overall aesthetics of the furniture. After polishing the hinges, can show a smooth and delicate texture, so that the furniture is more delicate and beautiful.
  2. Enhance durability: hinges in daily use will be subject to friction, collision and other impacts, polishing treatment can enhance the hardness of the surface of the hinge, to improve its abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, to extend the service life of the furniture.
  3. Easy to clean and maintain: polished hinge surface smooth, not easy to accumulate dust and stains, easy to clean and maintain, so that the furniture to maintain a long-lasting bright as new.

Second, cabinet door hinge polishing

  1. Polishing process selection: according to different materials, the cabinet door hinge polishing process is different. Common polishing process has hand polishing, machine polishing and chemical polishing. Hand polishing process is more traditional, can better retain the natural texture of the material, applicable to solid wood and other materials of the hinge; machine polishing can achieve a higher degree of finish, applicable to metal, plastic and other materials of the hinge; chemical polishing is through a chemical reaction to make the surface of the hinge to produce a bright, applicable to a variety of materials.
  2. The degree of polishing to grasp: the degree of polishing is divided into light polishing, medium polishing and heavy polishing. Light polishing retains the material surface of the subtle texture, suitable for the pursuit of natural texture design; medium polishing makes the surface smooth and delicate texture, suitable for modern minimalist style; heavy polishing makes the surface bright as a mirror, very texture, suitable for luxury style. According to the home style and personal preferences to choose the appropriate degree of polishing, in order to make the furniture more personalized.
  3. Polished color matching: Polished color selection should be coordinated with the overall color and style of the furniture. For example, black or silver polished hinges for modern minimalist style furniture; gold or bronze polished hinges for luxury style furniture. At the same time, you can also choose a unique color combination according to personal preferences, adding personality elements to the home.

Third, the cabinet door hinge polishing

  1. Clean: before polishing, first of all, the hinge surface dust, stains and other clean, so as not to affect the polishing effect. For stubborn stains, you can use the appropriate amount of detergent and soft cloth to wipe.
  2. Sanding: For newly purchased hinges, it may be necessary to sand the surface to remove burrs and scratches. Use sandpaper for sanding, gradually from coarse to fine, until the desired degree of polishing.
  3. Waxing: Applying the right amount of wax on the hinge surface can play a protective role and make the polishing effect more durable. Use a clean soft cloth to apply wax evenly, and wipe with a soft cloth when the wax is not dry to make the surface more shiny.
  4. Polishing: For light polishing, you can use polishing cloth and polishing paste to polish by hand; for medium or heavy polishing, you need to use polishing machine to polish. Polishing process, to constantly adjust the polishing speed and pressure, in order to achieve the best polishing effect.

Conclusion: the choice of cabinet door hinge polishing process and processing skills, to enhance the aesthetics of the home and the service life of furniture is of great significance. Mastering the appropriate polishing techniques can not only make the furniture glow with a new luster, but also show your personal aesthetic taste. In the purchase and customization of furniture, may wish to pay more attention to the cabinet door hinge polishing process, so that the home environment is more exquisite and beautiful.