Refrigeration fittings are an indispensable part of refrigeration equipment, and their quality and performance directly affect the operating effect of the whole refrigeration system. In the manufacturing process of refrigeration fittings, polishing technology as an advanced surface treatment process, is gradually being widely used. In this paper, we will discuss the principle of polishing technology, advantages and application in refrigeration accessories.

Refrigeration accessories polishing-GUANGU Magnetic polisher machine
Refrigeration accessories polishing

First, the principle of polishing technology

Polishing technology is the use of polishing tools on the surface of the workpiece grinding, polishing, in order to remove the surface of the workpiece burrs, oxide and other defects, improve surface finish, reduce surface roughness. Polishing technology can be divided into mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, electrochemical polishing, magnetic polishing and so on according to the different polishing tools.

Second, the advantages of polishing technology in the application of refrigeration accessories

  1. Improve the surface quality of refrigeration fittings

Polishing technology can effectively remove burrs, oxidized skin and other defects on the surface of refrigeration fittings, improve surface finish and reduce surface roughness. Thus reducing the friction resistance in the refrigeration system, reducing energy consumption and improving refrigeration efficiency.

  1. Enhance the corrosion resistance of refrigeration fittings

Polishing technology can remove microscopic defects on the surface of refrigeration fittings, such as cracks, inclusions, etc., so that the surface is more flat and smooth. This reduces the corrosion rate of refrigeration fittings in harsh environments and prolongs their service life.

  1. Improve the assembly performance of refrigeration fittings

Polishing technology can improve the dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy of refrigeration fittings, so that it is easier to achieve the predetermined fit requirements in the assembly process. Thus reducing the labor intensity of the assembly process and improving the assembly efficiency.

  1. Strong adaptability

Polishing technology is applicable to a variety of metal materials, whether it is a higher hardness of metal materials, or better toughness of metal materials, can be used polishing technology for surface treatment.

Third, polishing technology in the refrigeration parts manufacturing application examples

A refrigeration equipment enterprises using polishing technology for surface treatment of refrigeration parts, achieved good results. For example, in the compressor piston after polishing, surface finish has been significantly improved, friction resistance is reduced, so that the compressor energy consumption is reduced, refrigeration efficiency. In addition, polishing technology is also used in the condenser, evaporator and other refrigeration parts of the manufacturing process, have achieved better results.

In short, the application of polishing technology in the manufacture of refrigeration parts, not only can improve the surface quality of refrigeration parts, enhance corrosion resistance, improve assembly performance, but also to achieve environmental protection and energy saving. With the continuous development and improvement of polishing technology, its application prospects in the field of refrigeration parts manufacturing will be more broad.