With the rapid development of science and technology, China’s precision casting industry has received unprecedented attention and investment. Precision casting as the basic material of modern manufacturing industry, its quality directly affects the performance, life and reliability of the product. In the manufacturing process of precision castings, polishing technology plays a vital role. In this paper, we will discuss the polishing technology of precision castings, and explore its technological breakthroughs and industrial applications.

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I. Overview of precision casting polishing technology

Precision casting polishing is a kind of use of abrasives and abrasives on the casting surface grinding, deburring and improving the surface quality of the process. Polishing technology can improve the casting’s dimensional accuracy, surface roughness and appearance quality, so as to meet the manufacturing needs of high-performance, high-precision products. Precision casting polishing process is generally divided into two categories of manual polishing and mechanical polishing. Manual polishing mainly relies on the operator’s skills and experience, while mechanical polishing using a variety of polishing machines to achieve automation, batch production.

Second, polishing technology breakthroughs

  1. Polishing materials research and application

In recent years, China has made important breakthroughs in the field of polishing materials. For example, the development of a polishing material with high grinding efficiency, low wear and good abrasion resistance, significantly improving the polishing quality and work efficiency. In addition, the research of new polishing materials also includes super-hard materials, nanomaterials, etc., which provides more choices for precision casting polishing technology.

  1. Optimization of polishing process

Through the continuous optimization of the polishing process, China’s precision casting polishing technology has been significantly improved. For example, the use of pre-polishing, intermediate polishing and final polishing and other multi-stage polishing process, to achieve the casting surface quality continued to improve. At the same time, for different materials and different applications of castings, the use of targeted polishing process, improve the polishing effect.

  1. Polishing equipment innovation and development

With the progress of science and technology, China’s polishing equipment is also continuous innovation and development. Such as self-developed CNC polishing machine, robot polishing system, etc., to achieve the automation of the polishing process, intelligent, improve the polishing efficiency and quality. In addition, the miniaturization of polishing equipment, green is also the future development trend.

Third, the industrial application of precision casting polishing technology

  1. Aerospace field

Precision castings have important application value in aerospace field. Through polishing technology, it can improve the surface quality of aerospace castings and reduce the surface roughness, so as to improve the aerodynamic performance and structural strength of the aircraft. In addition, polishing technology can also improve the sealing performance of aerospace castings and reduce the failure rate.

  1. Automobile manufacturing field

Automobile castings are an important part of automobile manufacturing. Precision casting polishing technology has a wide range of applications in the field of automobile manufacturing, such as engine parts, transmission parts and so on. Through polishing technology, it can improve the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of automobile castings, and prolong the service life of automobiles.

  1. Medical equipment field

Medical devices require high surface quality of castings. Precision casting polishing technology in the field of medical equipment, can improve the casting of biocompatibility, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, to ensure the safety and reliability of medical equipment.

In short, precision casting polishing technology in China has been rapid development, not only in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, medical equipment and other high-end fields with a wide range of applications, but also continue to promote the polishing materials, polishing process and polishing equipment innovation and development. In the future, China will continue to increase the precision casting polishing technology research and development efforts for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry to provide strong support.