Metal jewelry polishing is an important jewelry processing technique, which gives the jewelry a smooth, shiny finish by finely treating the metal surface. Jewelry polishing can not only enhance the appearance of jewelry, but also enhance its durability and texture. In this paper, we will introduce the technical principle, process, advantages and applications of jewelry polishing.

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First, the principle of technology

Metal polishing is mainly the use of polishing agent and polishing tools on the metal surface friction, scraping and other physical effects, to remove microscopic imperfections, oxidation layer and other dirt on the metal surface. During the polishing process, the polishing agent reacts chemically with the metal surface to generate a dense oxide film, which plays a role in protecting the metal surface. Polishing tools usually have cloth wheels, polishing brushes, polishing paper, etc., which are able to treat the metal surface uniformly and meticulously.

Second, the process

Metal polishing process is generally divided into the following steps:

  1. pretreatment: the metal jewelry surface dirt, grease and other impurities to remove clean, ready for polishing.
  2. Rough polishing: the use of coarse polishing wheels or polishing brushes, with the appropriate polishing agent, the initial friction on the metal surface, to remove the surface of the macro-imperfections and oxidation layer.
  3. medium polishing: using medium polishing wheels or brushes, with fine polishing agents, to further treat the metal surface to make its surface smoother.
  4. fine polishing: using fine polishing wheels or brushes with even finer polishing compounds, the metal surface is finely treated to improve the surface finish.
  5. final polishing: use microfiber cloth or polishing paper, with special polishing agent, to give final polishing treatment to the metal surface, so as to make it reach the expected finish and texture.

Advantages-Metal Jewelry Polishing

  1. Enhance the appearance: metal jewelry can remove surface imperfections after polishing treatment, making its appearance more beautiful.
  2. Enhance the texture: Polishing can make the metal surface present a delicate, smooth texture, enhance the overall quality of jewelry.
  3. Improve durability: Polishing can generate a protective film to prevent further oxidation and corrosion of the metal surface, prolonging the service life of the jewelry.
  4. Environmental protection and pollution-free: jewelry polishing process, most of the polishing agent are environmentally friendly, harmless to the environment.

Application-Metal Jewelry Polishing

  1. gold jewelry: gold jewelry after polishing, can show its unique golden color, enhance the ornamental value of jewelry.
  2. white gold jewelry: white gold jewelry after polishing, can remove surface dirt, make it more elegant and noble.
  3. silver jewelry: silver jewelry after polishing, can remove the oxidation layer, restore its original silver color.
  4. stainless steel jewelry: stainless steel jewelry after polishing, can enhance its metal texture, enhance corrosion resistance.

In short, jewelry polishing is an important jewelry processing technology, it can enhance the appearance, texture and durability of jewelry. With the development of the jewelry industry, jewelry polishing technology will continue to optimize and innovate, bringing more possibilities for the jewelry manufacturing industry.