In China’s machinery manufacturing field, spring hinges, as a common connecting element, are widely used in a variety of equipment, instruments and transportation. The main role of spring hinges is to connect two components, while allowing relative movement within a certain range, thus meeting the needs of various mechanical equipment for movement and connection. However, spring hinges are susceptible to performance degradation due to wear and corrosion over a long period of time, which may even affect the normal operation of the whole equipment. Therefore, regular polishing and maintenance of spring hinges has become a key process to improve its mechanical properties.magnetic polishing machine to improve hinge performance.

Spring hinge polishing: magnetic polishing machine to improve hinge performance-GUANGU Magnetic polishing machine
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First, the role of spring hinge polishing

  1. Remove the oxidized layer: spring hinges are prone to form a layer of oxidized layer on the surface during a long time of use. This oxidized layer not only affects the beauty of spring hinges, but also reduces its friction coefficient with other parts, and even leads to rust. Through the polishing process, this layer of oxidized layer can be effectively removed to restore the original surface finish of spring hinges.
  2. Improve the coefficient of friction: the polishing process can make the surface of spring hinges smoother, which can improve the coefficient of friction with other parts. This helps to improve the connection performance of spring hinges in the equipment and enhance its ability to bear loads.
  3. Anti-fatigue performance: the surface quality of spring hinges after polishing treatment is improved, which can effectively reduce the stress concentration caused by surface defects and improve the anti-fatigue performance of spring hinges.
  4. Extend the service life: through the spring hinge polishing maintenance, can remove its surface wear, corrosion and other defects, so as to extend the service life of the spring hinge, reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment.

Second, spring hinge polishing methods-magnetic polishing machine to improve hinge performance

  1. Hand polishing: hand polishing is a traditional polishing method, applicable to small batch, simple shape of spring hinges. Hand polishing mainly utilizes abrasives, polishing paste and other materials, through manual wiping. The advantage of this method is simple operation, low cost, but the polishing efficiency is low, and the polishing technology requirements are high.
  2. Mechanical polishing: mechanical polishing is the use of specialized polishing machines to polish spring hinges. According to the different types of machines, it can be divided into rotary polishing, vibration polishing, roller polishing and so on. The advantage of mechanical polishing is high efficiency and stable effect, but the cost of equipment is higher, and the shape and size of spring hinges have certain limitations.
  3. Chemical polishing: chemical polishing is the use of chemical reaction to remove the spring hinge surface of the oxide layer, rust and other defects. The advantage of this method is that it does not need complex equipment, simple operation, but the polishing effect is greatly affected by the quality of raw materials and operating conditions.
  4. Electrochemical polishing: Electrochemical polishing is the use of electrolysis principle, under the action of the current on the spring hinge polishing. The advantage of this method is that the polishing effect is good, can realize the automatic production, but the equipment cost is higher, and the electrolyte and operating conditions have higher requirements.

In conclusion, spring hinge polishing is an important mechanical processing technology, through the spring hinge polishing treatment, can effectively improve its mechanical properties, extend the service life, reduce the maintenance cost of equipment. In the actual production process, according to the material, shape and size of the spring hinge and other factors, choose the appropriate polishing method to ensure that the polishing effect reaches the expected goal.