If black spots appear on the surface of magnesium alloy after oxidation, the following treatment methods can be considered:

Slightly oxidized: If the surface is not very oxidized, a metal polish can be used to lightly polish or wipe the surface. This can remove dark spots or lighten their color.

Magnesium alloy is oxidized and how to deal with black spots-GUANGU Magnetic polishing machine
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Chemical polishing: If the metal surface is severely oxidized and the black spots are difficult to remove, chemical polishing can be considered. This method involves the use of chemicals to remove oxides and dark spots from the surface and restore the luster of the metal surface.

Reapplying a protective coat: Reapplying a protective coat can also be an effective way to deal with dark spots. This can effectively control and reduce the formation of surface oxides and protect the magnesium alloy from further oxidation and damage.

Please note that before any handling, always check and follow proper safety guidelines for using all chemicals and dosages to avoid harm to your health or the environment.

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Magnesium alloy is a lightweight and high-strength metal material commonly used in the following fields:

Automobile manufacturing: Magnesium alloys can greatly reduce the weight of automobiles, improve fuel economy and driving performance, and are currently widely used in automobile engines, tachometers, floor plates, braking systems and other components.

Aerospace: Due to its excellent performance of light weight and high strength, magnesium alloys are widely used in structural components of spacecraft, missiles, aero engines and aircraft, such as engine cylinder heads, instruments, floor plates, joysticks, etc.

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Electronic equipment: Magnesium alloy has excellent electromagnetic shielding performance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, so it is widely used in electronic equipment such as computers and mobile phones.

Medical devices: Magnesium alloys have good biocompatibility and are often used in medical devices such as surgical plates and screws.

Sports equipment: Lightweight and durable, magnesium alloys are commonly used in the manufacture of golf clubs, fencing weapons and other sports equipment.

Other fields: Magnesium alloys are also widely used in other fields, such as motorcycles, photographic equipment, industrial machinery, building structures, etc.