Magnetic polishing machine is a common metal surface treatment equipment, the use method is as follows:

How to use magnetic polishing machine-GUANGU Magnetic polishing machine
  1. Preparation: First, clean the workpiece to be processed , and check whether there are cracks, scratches, bumps and other defects on the surface of the workpiece to avoid problems during processing.
  2. Install the workpiece: place the cleaned workpiece on the workbench of the magnetic polishing machine, and select the corresponding magnetic grinding disc according to the shape and size of the workpiece, and fix it on the workbench of the magnetic polisher to ensure that the workpiece is in the process of processing won’t move.
  3. Add abrasives: Sprinkle a layer of abrasives evenly in the grinding tank. The abrasives generally used include steel needles and the like.
  4. Adjust processing parameters: According to the material, shape, processing requirements and other factors of the workpiece, adjust the processing parameters such as the speed, working time, and abrasive consumption of the magnetic polishing machine to achieve the best processing effect.
  5. Start the magnetic polishing machine: start the magnetic polishing machine, the magnetic grinding disc starts to rotate, and the abrasive starts to grind and polish the surface of the workpiece.
  6. Complete processing: After processing, turn off the magnetic polishing machine, remove the magnetic grinding disc, and remove the workpiece from the workbench. Then clean the surface of the workpiece and check the processing effect. If you need to continue processing, you can readjust the processing parameters and repeat the above steps as needed.