The repair method for scratches on aluminum profiles depends on how serious the scratches are. Here are several possible repair solutions:

1. Slight scratches: If the scratches are very shallow, you can use a light polish and a soft cloth or a polishing machine to wipe the surface to remove the scratches and restore the luster of the aluminum profile.

How to repair aluminum profile scratches-GUANGU Magnetic polishing machine
Batch deburring of magnetic grinding machine

2. Moderate scratches: If the scratches are deep or very obvious, you can use aluminum alloy scratch repair agent or sewing wax to repair them. These products fill in scratches and blend with the surrounding metal surface to lighten or eliminate the color and appearance of scratches.

3. Heavy Scratches: If the scratches are very severe, a more drastic repair method may be required. This may involve using more aggressive sandpaper or abrasives to remove scratches and to level and polish the surface of the aluminum profile.

Please note that before proceeding with restoration it is advisable to experiment with a small area to ensure the restoration method and product chosen will not damage the surface or worse.

Magnetic polishing machine polishing crack dead angle

Aluminum profiles refer to components of various cross-sectional shapes that are rolled and formed from aluminum, and are often used in the following fields:

Construction industry: Aluminum profiles are widely used in building doors and windows, roof frames, interior and exterior wall hanging panels and other components, with good anti-corrosion, heat insulation, aesthetics, portability and processability.

Transportation field: Aluminum profiles are widely used in ships, automobiles, trains, airplanes and other means of transportation, such as body structure, engine components, suspension systems, luggage racks, etc.

Electronic and electrical industry: aluminum profiles can be used to make electrical accessories such as electronic radiators, computer bases, mobile phone casings, and TV brackets, with good heat dissipation, shock resistance, and durability.

Magnetic grinding machine does not damage the workpiece

Industrial field: Because of its good thermal conductivity and processability, aluminum profiles are widely used in industrial production lines, machine tools, automation equipment and other components.

Home decoration field: The lightness and beauty of aluminum profiles are widely used in home decoration, such as clothes hangers, shoe racks, kitchen cabinets and other furniture.

Aluminum profiles have a wide range of uses. With the rapid advancement of science and technology, the application fields of aluminum profiles will become more and more extensive.