How to Remove Bore Burrs-There are several ways to remove the bore burrs as follows:

How to Remove Bore Burrs-GUANGU Magnetic polishing machine
Deburring of brass parts
  1. Magnetic Polishing Machine Removal: Using magnetic polishing machine, put the workpiece into the barrel with abrasive material and grind it, it can remove all the fine burrs of precision parts, and it will not affect the precision of the product.
  2. Mechanical removal: use diamond assorted files or special deburring tools, the front end can be rotated, applicable to the removal of internal and external holes.
  3. Chemical solvent removal: the workpiece will be immersed in chemical deburring potion, can quickly remove burrs on a variety of metal materials. But pay attention to safety, to prevent chemical solvents on the body and the environment.
  4. Flame burning method: applicable to metal workpieces, through high temperature combustion to make the burr off.
  5. Ultrasonic removal: applicable to small-scale burr removal, high efficiency, but for large flanges and complex shapes of the workpiece effect is limited.
  6. Electrolytic polishing removal: through the positive and negative electrode clamping workpiece, electrified to produce electrolysis to remove the burr of the inner hole. Faster, but may affect the precision of the product.
  7. Particulate dry ice removal: the use of dry ice and the low temperature characteristics of high-speed impact to remove the burr, applicable to most of the bore deburring scenarios.
  8. Laser Removal: The laser method can stimulate local pores and destroy hair follicles to achieve the effect of removing burrs. However, the laser process may appear skin burning and other side effects, need to be operated by a professional physician in a regular hospital.
  9. Manual hacksaw removal: for smaller burrs, you can use the saw blade of a manual hacksaw to remove them.
  10. Dental carbide rotary file removal: for special shaped workpieces, you can use dental carbide rotary file or small ball type grinding wheel for removal.

When choosing the method of removing the bore burr, you need to choose the appropriate program according to the size and shape of the burr, the workpiece material and other factors. In the operation process, pay attention to safety protection to ensure that the removal of burrs at the same time does not affect the accuracy and quality of the workpiece.