It is difficult to polish aluminum, because the surface of aluminum metal is easily oxidized to form a layer of oxide skin, which affects the polishing effect. Here are some possible ways to polish aluminum:

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Mechanical polishing: Mechanical polishing is a method of achieving a smooth finish on the aluminum surface through mechanical movement. Usually, tools such as grinders, polishers, and polishing cloths are used to first remove the scale and burrs on the aluminum surface by grinding and polishing, and then use polishing cloths for mechanical polishing to achieve a higher finish on the aluminum surface.

Pickling polishing: Pickling polishing is a method that uses chemical corrosion to remove the oxide layer on the aluminum surface. Usually, strong acids such as nitric acid or hydrochloric acid are used to dissolve the oxide layer on the aluminum surface, and then polished with a polishing cloth to make the aluminum surface smooth.

Electrochemical polishing: Electrochemical polishing is a method of making the aluminum surface smooth by electrolysis. Usually, hydrochloric acid solution or nitric acid solution is used as the electrolyte, and electrolysis is carried out at a certain voltage and current density to remove the oxide layer and burrs on the aluminum surface to achieve a smooth finish.

Magnetron sputtering polishing: Magnetron sputtering polishing is a new technology to remove the oxide layer and burrs on the aluminum surface through sputtering degradation. The magnetron sputtering device relies on high-speed ion bombardment to form a highly flat condition on the aluminum surface, and makes the aluminum surface rougher and brighter.

The choice of aluminum polishing should be carried out according to the specific conditions and requirements of the aluminum surface. Choosing a suitable polishing method is conducive to obtaining higher polishing quality and efficiency.

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The following are some common polishing materials:

Abrasive paste: Abrasive paste is a common polishing material, usually made of alumina or silica sand as the main raw material. Abrasive paste has a strong abrasive force and can be used to remove larger scratches and deep-seated dirt. However, due to its abrasiveness, it needs to be handled with care so as not to damage the surface.

Polishing Paste: Polishing paste is usually a mixture of aluminum oxide or iron oxide, and forms a uniform glossy sheen on the surface. This polishing material is often used to remove minor scratches and oxide layers and to create a more beautiful and smooth appearance to surfaces.

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Liquid Polishes: Liquid polishes are usually water- or oil-based solutions that contain fine abrasive particles that provide a gentler finish than abrasive and polishing pastes. This polishing material is often used to remove scratches and stains of limited depth and to help restore and maintain the luster of a surface.

Which one to use depends on the type of polishing task and material you need to perform. Note that worn or scratched surfaces are best treated with an appropriate cleaner and rust remover prior to polishing.