With the continuous improvement of China’s industrial level, aluminum alloy profiles are more and more widely used in various fields. Polishing as an important part of the aluminum alloy profile processing process, has a significant impact on its surface quality and performance. This paper will focus on aluminum alloy profile polishing to discuss, introduce its process and advantages.How to polish aluminum alloy profiles?

How to polish aluminum alloy profiles-GUANGU Magnetic polishing machine
Magnetic finishing machine GG8850

First, aluminum alloy profile polishing process

  1. Pre-treatment: before polishing, aluminum alloy profiles need to be degreased, de-waxed and other pre-treatment to ensure the performance of the polishing solution and polishing effect.
  2. Selection of polishing liquid: according to the material and surface requirements of aluminum alloy profiles, select the appropriate polishing liquid. The polishing liquid usually consists of abrasive, dispersant, surfactant and so on, which can improve the polishing effect.
  3. Polishing equipment: choose suitable polishing equipment, such as polishing machine, polishing wheel and so on. The selection of polishing equipment should consider the size, shape and polishing requirements of aluminum alloy profiles.
  4. Polishing operation: fix the aluminum alloy profile on the polishing machine, adjust the contact state between the polishing wheel and the profile, so that it is evenly stressed. Start the polishing machine and polish according to the set speed and pressure.
  5. Post-polishing treatment: After polishing, the aluminum alloy profile needs to be cleaned, dried and other post-treatment to remove the polishing liquid and impurities on the surface.
  6. Quality inspection: quality inspection of the polished aluminum alloy profile, including surface roughness, gloss and other indicators.

Second, the advantages of aluminum alloy profile polishing

  1. Improve surface finish: Polishing can significantly improve the surface finish of aluminum alloy profiles, making them more beautiful.
  2. improve corrosion resistance: polishing process can remove the oxide film and impurities on the surface of aluminum alloy profile and improve its corrosion resistance.
  3. Improve fatigue strength: polishing makes the surface of aluminum alloy profile smoother, reduces stress concentration and improves fatigue strength.
  4. strong adaptability: polishing process is applicable to various sizes and shapes of aluminum alloy profiles, with strong adaptability.
  5. Energy saving: the polishing equipment has a higher degree of automation, which can reduce manual operation and energy consumption.

Summary-How to polish aluminum alloy profiles

Aluminum alloy profile polishing process is of great significance in improving surface quality and performance. With the continuous development of polishing technology, the application fields of aluminum alloy profiles will be more extensive.