With the continuous development of industrial manufacturing technology, the requirements for materials are getting higher and higher. Among many metal materials, aluminum is favored for its excellent thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, light weight and good corrosion resistance. Among them, honeycomb aluminum sheet, as a kind of aluminum product with unique structure, occupies an important position in industrial manufacturing by virtue of its excellent performance and wide range of applications. Polishing, as a key link in the production process of honeycomb aluminum panels, is of great significance to improve product quality and aesthetics-Honeycomb Aluminum Plate Polishing.

Honeycomb Aluminum Plate Polishing-GUANGU Magnetic polishing machine

I. Overview of aluminum honeycomb panel

Aluminum honeycomb panel is made of aluminum through a special process, with a hexagonal honeycomb lattice of panels. This structural design makes the honeycomb aluminum panel has excellent mechanical properties, good thermal conductivity and sound insulation, but also has a high impact resistance and corrosion resistance. Aluminum honeycomb panels are widely used in aerospace, automotive manufacturing, electronic products, building decoration and other fields, not only to meet the needs of industrial production, but also to meet the pursuit of aesthetics and environmental protection.

Second, the importance of honeycomb aluminum polishing

  1. improve product quality: polishing can remove the surface of the honeycomb aluminum plate oxide layer, stains, burrs and other defects, so that its surface finish, thus improving the appearance of the product quality and service life.
  2. Enhance the aesthetics: the surface of the polished aluminum honeycomb panel shows a smooth, bright metallic luster, which improves the visual effect of the product and meets the demand for aesthetics.
  3. Improve processing performance: the surface of the polished honeycomb aluminum plate is more flat, which is conducive to the accuracy and efficiency of the subsequent processing.
  4. Increase corrosion resistance: polishing can eliminate tiny defects on the surface of the honeycomb aluminum panel, reduce the intrusion of corrosive substances, thereby improving the corrosion resistance of the product.

Third, the choice of honeycomb aluminum polishing process

  1. Mechanical polishing: the use of mechanical equipment for cellular aluminum polishing, mainly using abrasives to grind the surface of the aluminum plate to achieve the purpose of polishing. Mechanical polishing is simple to operate, but the polishing effect is affected by the abrasive, and easy to produce scratches and deformation.
  2. chemical polishing: through the chemical reaction to achieve the honeycomb aluminum surface polishing. Chemical polishing can improve the surface finish of aluminum plate, but the treatment process will produce a certain amount of pollution, and the cost is high.
  3. electrochemical polishing: the use of electrolyte solution in the electrochemical reaction to achieve the cellular aluminum surface polishing. Electrochemical polishing has a higher polishing quality and efficiency, and environmental pollution-free, but the equipment investment is larger.

In summary, honeycomb aluminum polishing in improving product quality and aesthetics is of great significance. In the actual production process, the appropriate polishing process should be selected according to the product demand and cost considerations, in order to achieve high-quality product results.